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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why can’t I select my size/a colour?

If an item is faded in grey in the listing or not shown at all it means we have none left in stock. Pictures will show all the variations available at the time of first listing.

Will you be getting more of this item in stock?

Maybe. It depends on the style. Contact us for more information about this. We cannot message individual customers when new stock arrives but you can keep track of popular items using our social networks.

Can you get me an item in a different colour or bigger size?

We purchase in bulk from suppliers and so we cannot attain specific items on request.

What is the measurement for this item?

We include measurements on our listings to give customers a general idea such as heel height and platform height. Ankle, foot length, width and calf measurements vary and you can contact us for more information.

If I buy x pairs of shoes can I get a discount?

We can offer no discounts on our item prices but we have some very attractive postage discounts. Please look at our Delivery Page for our attractive offers.

Can you change my order?

Of course we can. Please message us ASAP to change your order before it has been prepared for dispatch. If your item has been packed we cannot change an order.

Can you change my order address?

Yes we can. We are a little cautious about this because of the chances of fraud. If your feedback history is positive and you have been on the site for a while we are happy to help. Please message us ASAP to change your order before it has been prepared for dispatch. If your item has been packed we cannot change an order.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes. Contact us as soon as possible and we will cancel your order. If an item has been prepared for dispatch we will not be able to cancel the order and you will have to go through the returns procedure.

I don’t have a Paypal account/ Paypal isn’t working; do you accept bank transfer or cheque?

We do not accept bank transfers or cheques to complete orders. If you don’t have a Paypal or paypal isn’t working we can take payment over the telephone. Call us on 0151 909 5020, we accept all major UK credit and debit cards.

International customers can make payment via Paypal or Western Union transfer. We can offer no other services at this time.

Why has my item not been dispatched yet?

If your item has not been dispatched within 48 hours give us a message and we can investigate this further. Items not sent out within 24 hours are automatically investigated but we may need a little time to work out how to resolve any issues.

Do you have a tracking reference for my item?

Tracking references will be sent to you in your dispatch email if applicable. All express services are tracked and most standard deliveries are also. Click here to see full delivery terms

Where is my item?

Let’s work it out! If your item is tracked check your dispatch email for your tracking reference. Follow the instructions laid outto track your item and arrange redelivery. Is your item saying it’s been delivered but you do not have it or is the item untracked? Please check any safe place, with the post person, people you live with, people you work with or neighbours who may have taken it on your behalf. If this is unsuccessful please contact us for further help. Please be aware, Royal Mail do not give us any more information than is presented on their website and they may recommend filing a claim for lost mail.

My item has been returned to sender, what do I do now?

Don’t worry. Items get sent back to us for all sorts of reasons, most common being an incorrect address or the post tried to deliver when you were out. They should have left a calling card to tell you to arrange redelivery but that doesn’t always happen and is out of our control. We will be in contact when it arrives back with us. We can send the item out again but you will need to re-pay the postage as the first fee was of course used on the first delivery.

What is the returns address?

The returns address is printed on the invoice. It is at the bottom, on the form we need you to fill in. But here it is one more time, just to be certain:

Monochrome LTD
Unit E4, Longford Trading Estate
Thomas Street
M32 0JT

I have thrown away my invoice can I still send my item back?

Yes, but we will need some information with the parcel. Include a note with the following information:

  • You’re name
  • You’re address
  • The reason you are returning the item
  • Do you want an exchange or a refund?
  • If you want an exchange please give us details

What is the item name required on the invoice?

Go to the listing of the item you want. The titles start with a name eg Gwen, Florence. You only need to include this if you want an exchange for something different than you bought.

Do I need to pay for returning an item?

You need to pay whoever you want to bring the item back to us. Most of the time this is Royal Mail but sometimes people use couriers. If the item is correct to what you ordered and undamaged then the return costs are your responsibility. We recommend purchasing our Returns Label  which is significantly cheaper than Royal Mail. Customers with damaged items will get a returns label free of charge by contacting us using our contact form. We will ask for a picture of the damage, it is useful if you send a link to this in your first message.

Why have I not received my refund yet?

There can only be two reasons you haven’t received a refund. Either we haven’t received the item yet or Paypal hasn’t processed it yet. Contact us either way if you haven’t heard from us within 10 working days.

If an item is lost in the mail it is the customer’s responsibility to make a claim for the missing goods. No refund will be given if we do not have the item. This is why we recommend customers return items using recorded delivery. That way we have proof of the movement of the item which will help any claim on either side.

Paypal usually process refunds very quickly but it can take a long time for a refund to show up on a bank statement. Contact us and we can give you a transaction ID which you can use to follow up your refund on the Paypal site.

How much will an exchange cost?

It depends on when you want it. The postage costs are exactly the same as outlined on the product page you purchased from. If an item is not in stock you will be refunded automatically.

How do I pay the exchange cost?

We prefer customers do not send us payment before we have picked out an item so we know for definite we can send them something. However some customers like to send loose change with their invoice or a postal order. When an item is selected for you we will send you more information on how to pay the cost via email.

The box arrived wrecked/ I threw the box away, will I be penalised for that when I return the item?

No. The boxes do get bashed around in delivery and that leads them to be bent and broken sometimes. As long as you send it back to us as you got it we will accept it. We would ask that people don’t put sellotape on the box as when we rip it off half the box comes with it. We would also ask that no stickers are affixed to the box itself. Pop the box in a bag and then sellotape that up! If you do not have the box we ask that you return the item in a sturdy replacement. Loose shoes mean broken heels and no refund or exchange.

I have a blog. Would you be interested in working with us?

Yes, please send a link to your blog to us at If you are a tumblr user or a blogger user we will need to see some stats so please provide a screenshot of your follower count or hit rate!

I haven’t received a reply to my message. Why are you ignoring me?

We are not ignoring you. Sometimes messages need more investigation than can be done in a two minute answer. We want to have the full facts. Messages like this are flagged for the relevant customer services rep who will then look into the matter. If a question remains unanswered in 3 days please follow it up.

    • Have a question that is not answered here? Contact Us via phone or email